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Kanpai Yakiniku

Japanese BBQ Yakinku Restaurant



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About Us

Located in the hustling and bustling food street of Victoria Park, Kanpai Yakiniku offer a Japanese style chargrill dining experience. The design of our restaurant was inspired by Japan’s alleyway (yokocho) to transport you back to Japan. Here we offer curated premium Wagyu beef cuts grilled by yourself to your liking. These perfectly grilled meat are also best paired with our great selections of Japanese imported alcohol (sake, beer, whiskey etc.). Throughout the meal, it is common to cheers like the Japanese, KANPAI!

About The Meat

Japanese Yakiniku is all about grilling bite-sized quality meat (most commonly premium beef) over a chargrill BBQ net. Our meat are lightly seasoned with our in-house secret blend seasoning sauce (“tareタレ”), so that diners can enjoy and appreciate the meat’s original flavours. We have chosen to use steel chargrill nets due to its high heat conduction, which efficiently lock in the flavours of the meat. Kanpai Yakiniku meticulously source their premium Australian (marbling grades 7 to 9+) and Japanese (highest marbling grade A5) Wagyu beef from very exclusive suppliers so that our most discerning customers are offered nothing less than quality.

About Our Smokeless Chargrill System

At Kanpai Yakiniku, you can enjoy the flavours of high-grade charcoal (binchotan) grilling, inside closed doors with full air-conditioning, yet walk out with minimal BBQ smell attach to your clothes/hair. This is made possible with our Japanese imported smokeless chargrill system that uses an advanced smoke ventilation technology. We are proud to be the first in Western Australia to install this smokeless BBQ system that is trusted by many top yakiniku restaurants around the world.

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